Bayswater, nestled in West London, and Maida Vale, its neighbour, are quintessential examples of London’s blend of grandeur, history, and contemporary living. Bayswater is known for its stunning Victorian architecture, tranquil garden squares, and cosmopolitan atmosphere, enhanced by a diverse population and abundance of dining and shopping options. Maida Vale compliments this with its serene residential roads, elegant Edwardian mansions, and the famous Little Venice, offering picturesque canalside views and leisurely boat trips, making letting in Bayswater and Maida Vale highly desirable.


Bayswater & Maida Vale lettings services

Our Letting Services for Bayswater & Maida Vale Landlords

  • Targeted Marketing Strategy: We utilise advanced marketing techniques to showcase your property to the right audience, maximising its visibility in the Bayswater & Maida Vale market.
  • Tenant Screening Services: Thorough tenant screening to find reliable and trustworthy tenants, prioritising the safety and security of your property.
  • Property Management Services: From maintenance and repairs to rent collection and legal compliance, we handle all aspects of property management, allowing you to enjoy a hassle-free letting experience.

Bayswater & Maida Vale Property Rental Market

Rental Rates:

The general increase in London rents is over 12% year-on-year, with expectations of further rises. Given both Bayswater and Maida Vale’s desirability and high-end properties, it’s likely that rental rates in this area are at the higher end of the spectrum compared to the London average.

Occupancy Rate and Demand:

The demand for rentals in Bayswater and Maida Vale is high, driven by their attractiveness to both professionals and families looking for the convenience of city living alongside quieter, more residential settings. Properties in these areas tend to let quickly, often at or above asking prices, highlighting a strong occupancy rate and a competitive market for renters.

Market Trends:

The rental market in these areas is influenced by broader London trends, including a general increase in rental rates across the city. However, Bayswater and Maida Vale benefit from a unique blend of architectural charm, community atmosphere, and proximity to central London, which continues to attract a steady flow of interested tenants.

Property Types and Prices:

The property landscape in Bayswater and Maida Vale is diverse, ranging from luxurious apartments to traditional townhouses. Rental prices vary accordingly, with a significant range based on property size, condition, and location within the area. The average prices for rentals and sales in these neighbourhoods reflect their high-value property market and the varied options available to renters and buyers alike.

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