Case Study

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Upper Cheyne Row – Letting, Management & Sale Advisory

Client Background

A longstanding client for whom we managed a beautiful mews house for 12 years approached Chambré, seeking expertise in property sales. The involvement of multiple family members added layers of complexity, and they required a trusted adviser to guide them, ensuring a seamless process and that all interests were upheld.


To navigate the intricate process of selling the property, especially given the involvement of several family members, while ensuring all parties’ interests were protected and the journey was as smooth as possible.


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Project Objectives

  • Selecting the Right Agent: Aid the client in choosing the most suitable agent for the property.
  • Streamlined Sales Process: Oversee the entire sales process, ensuring efficiency from start to finish.
  • Stakeholder Liaison: Coordinate and communicate effectively with all involved parties, including family members.
  • Tenancy Expertise: Apply extensive knowledge and experience from a 12-year management history to handle tenancy matters with skill and sensitivity.
  • Peace of Mind: Provide comprehensive support, advice, and guidance throughout the sales process.

Solutions Implemented

  1. Valuation & Market Analysis: Arranged valuations and comprehensive market reports tailored to the property.
  2. Agent Coordination: Liaised tirelessly with the chosen agent, coordinating and providing feedback on property viewings.
  3. Tenancy Handling: Managed tenancy matters with unmatched expertise, ensuring a smooth transition for all parties involved.

Results and Achievements

  • Client Testimonial: “From start to finish, the service provided by Chambré was superb… I have no doubt that without Chambré’s guidance, advice, and support, the sale would have been infinitely bumpier and more stressful than it was, and I cannot recommend them highly enough.”
  • Unified Interests: Successfully managed all family members’ varied interests, ensuring a cohesive and coordinated approach.
  • Peace of Mind: Our dedicated service assured the client that their interests were paramount, facilitating a smoother and less stressful sales process.

Our holistic approach—encompassing agent selection, sales coordination, and tenancy management—enabled a smooth transition from letting to sale. Chambré’s expertise ensured a successful sale and unparalleled peace of mind to the client and their family during the entire process.