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Pembroke Gardens- Probate Management

Client Testimonial

Chambré was incredibly helpful at a very stressful time for myself and my brother after our mother died.  I live in Scotland and my brother has a very demanding job so it was a huge relief to be able to leave everything in Chambré’s capable hands.  As well as that, everyone we had to deal with there  was charming and efficient.’


Chambré adeptly stepped in to assist a family during a particularly challenging period following the loss of their mother. With one family member residing in Scotland and the other engaged in a demanding job, Chambré’s support proved invaluable in managing the family’s Kensington and Chelsea property throughout the probate process.


The task involved not just overseeing the property but also preparing it for sale, which included various maintenance and presentation tasks, all to be handled with sensitivity and efficiency during a time of bereavement for the family.

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Project Objectives:

  1. Estate Supervision: Provide vigilant oversight of the property during the probate period.
  2. Sale Preparation: Prepare the property for the market, including house clearance and essential redecoration.
  3. Compliance Assurance: Ensure all property-related legal and safety standards are met.
  4. Sale Management: Oversee the sale process from marketing to closure.

Solutions Implemented:

  1. Regular Monitoring: Kept a close eye on the property, reporting back to the executors with regular updates.
  2. Property Clearance: Managed the sensitive task of clearing the house, ensuring respect for the family’s sentiments.
  3. Safety Compliance: Arranged checks for gas and electric appliances to ensure full safety compliance.
  4. Aesthetic Enhancement: Undertook basic redecoration and arranged gardening services to enhance the property’s presentation for sale.

Results and Achievements:

The property attracted considerable interest thanks to the meticulous preparatory work and was eventually sold for £2.75 million. Chambré’s role was instrumental in alleviating the family’s stress during a difficult time, managing the entire process with charm, efficiency, and professionalism.