Case Study

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Leamington Road Villas – Comprehensive Property Management and Sale

Client Background

In 2021, Chambré took on a client seeking professional assistance to manage and let their one-bedroom apartment in the heart of a vibrant area. The property, located on the first floor of a classic Victorian conversion on Leamington Road Villas, had been a cherished home. The client’s commitment to family obligations required a reliable partner to oversee the property’s management, ensuring it remained well-maintained and tenanted.


After two years of successful letting and property management, the landlord’s circumstances changed, leading to the decision to sell their beloved flat. With the landlord preoccupied with other commitments, they needed a trusted partner to navigate the complexities of the property market. The primary challenge was identifying the right estate agent for selling the property in a particularly challenging market and ensuring a smooth transaction process from valuation to sale completion.

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Project Objectives

  1. Agent Selection: Identify reputable estate agents, evaluate their track record, expertise, and proposed marketing strategy for the property and narrow it down to the most suitable candidate.
  2. Market Navigation: Manage the sale process effectively, overcoming multiple property market challenges to find a suitable buyer.
  3. Sale Management: Ensure a seamless transaction process, offering the landlord peace of mind and a hands-off experience during the sale.

Solutions Implemented

1. Estate Agent Collaboration:

  • Identified and vetted three reputable estate agents, considering their market presence, valuation accuracy, and sales strategy.
  • We collaborated closely with the landlord to select the agent best suited to their needs and the property’s market position.

2. Sale Strategy Execution:

  • Worked with the chosen agent to implement a robust sales strategy, highlighting the property’s unique features, such as its charming and bright living space, stylish dining area, built-in storage, fireplace, and modern kitchen with built-in appliances.

3. Comprehensive Support and Liaison:

  • Provided unwavering support to the landlord throughout the sale process, from agent selection to transaction completion.
  • Acted as the primary point of contact, ensuring smooth and efficient communication between all parties.

Time and Budget

Adhering to the landlord’s time constraints and ensuring financial efficiency were paramount. Chambr’és strategic approach and diligent management facilitated a timely and successful sale, even within a challenging market.

Results and Achievements

The property sale concluded successfully, a testament to Chambré’s adept handling of the complexities involved in the real estate market. Despite market difficulties, the right buyer was identified, and the transaction was completed to the satisfaction of all parties. This case not only underscores Chambr’és expertise in property management and letting but also highlights our capability to navigate sales in a challenging market, ensuring clients ’needs are met with professionalism and dedication.