Case Study

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Cranley Gardens- Vacant Property Management

Client Testimonial

We’ve hugely appreciated the very personal and well-run service the Chambré team have provided to us over the years. Nothing is ever too much, and we would highly recommend them to anyone.”

Client Background

We oversee a beautiful pied-à-Terre located in the heart of Chelsea for a busy UK-based family. Our comprehensive management includes holding keys, regular property checks, liaising with the block management company, handling service charges, addressing day-to-day maintenance, and being a direct point of contact for neighbours.


The property required active, ongoing vacant management to ensure it remained in top condition for the family. Additionally, it needed modernisation through the installation of a new upgraded bathroom and redecoration works to maintain its appeal and functionality.

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Project Objectives:

  1. Property Management: Provide comprehensive oversight and handle all aspects of property maintenance.
  2. Bathroom Upgrade: Install a new, modern bathroom.
  3. Redecoration: Refresh the property’s aesthetics with contemporary redecoration.

Solutions Implemented:

  1. Proactive Property Management: Established a routine for regular checks, facilitated smooth communication with the block management, managed service charges, and provided prompt responses to maintenance issues.
  2. Bathroom Installation: Oversaw the installation of a new upgraded bathroom, enhancing the property’s functionality and appeal.
  3. Redecoration Works: Conducted redecoration to refresh and modernise the property’s interior.

Time and Budget:

Our team has managed this property over the years, ensuring all projects, including the recent installation of the bathroom and redecoration, were completed efficiently and within the client’s budget.

Results and Achievements:

Our diligent management and recent upgrades have ensured the pied-à-Terre remains a well-maintained and appealing property for the family. The direct contact availability has fostered trust and convenience for both the family and their neighbours, enhancing overall satisfaction with our services.