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Notting Hill- Property Management

Client Testimonial

“As an overseas landlord Chambré have solved, not only the straightforward problem of finding tenants but also the more vital problems of pro-active tenant vetting and management that offers cost-effective and fast results; thus protecting both property and income. My lack of confidence in traditional agency solutions has been restored through the Chambré package.”


Initially owned by the Trustees of an offshore trust, this notable Notting Hill property has been under Chambré’s vigilant care since 2012. The property has since transitioned from trust ownership (de-enveloped), with Chambré now serving as the direct owner.


The main challenges included ensuring thorough tenant vetting, providing comprehensive property management, and navigating complex party wall issues due to adjacent construction works.


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Project Objectives:

  1. Rigorous Tenant Vetting: Implement a stringent tenant selection process to secure reliable and respectful occupants.
  2. Full-Scale Property Management: Oversee all facets of property maintenance and tenant relations.
  3. Party Wall Agreement Guidance: Provide support and advice regarding party wall matters amid neighbouring construction activities.

Solutions Implemented:

  1. Tenant Acquisition: Successfully re-let the property to a European corporate client, ensuring a stringent vetting process.
  2. Property Management: Took charge of all property-related responsibilities, offering a complete management solution.
  3. Party Wall Consultation: Assisted the owner with party wall issues, offering guidance and support during neighbouring construction works.

Time and Budget:

The management and tenant transition objectives were achieved efficiently, adhering to the predefined timelines and budget constraints.

Results and Achievements:

Chambré’s robust management approach has resulted in a seamless transition from trust to direct ownership, securing a reputable corporate tenant and skilfully handling adjacent construction challenges. Their proactive and comprehensive management solutions have restored the client’s confidence in property management services, with Chambré’s bespoke package meeting and exceeding expectations.