Case Study

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SW10- Managed Property Sale

Client Background

Our client, having recently relocated outside of London, required expert assistance to sell their family home. Pressed for time and unable to manage the sales process personally, they sought our complete management of the sale from inception to completion.


The client faced the dual challenge of being time-poor and the need to navigate a difficult market to achieve a successful sale. Our role was to streamline the process, making it as efficient and stress-free for the client as possible.

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Project Objectives:

  1. Agent Selection: Evaluate and select the most suitable estate agent to handle the sale in a challenging market.
  2. Offer Management: Handle offers and negotiations to secure the best possible outcome.
  3. Communication Coordination: Maintain robust communication channels between all parties involved – the buyer, solicitors, and surveyors – to facilitate a smooth sale process.

Solutions Implemented:

  1. Market Appraisal and Agent Selection: Arranged for three estate agents to appraise the property and, in consultation with the client, select the one most capable of achieving a timely sale.
  2. Negotiation Management: Managed offers and negotiations diligently, ensuring that the client’s interests were well-represented.
  3. Communication Oversight: Acted as the central point of contact, overseeing and expediting communication among all parties to avoid any delays or miscommunications.

Time and Budget:

The entire sales process was managed efficiently, respecting the client’s time constraints and market conditions to secure a sale at the desired asking price.

Results and Achievements:

The property was successfully sold at the asking price of £3.25 million, a testament to the effectiveness of the chosen estate agent and our management of the process. Our comprehensive oversight and proactive communication strategy ensured that the sale proceeded as smoothly as possible, delivering a satisfactory outcome for our time-poor client.