Case Study

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Knightsbridge- Property Management

Client Background

Our client, a prominent international fiduciary company known for working with high-net-worth families globally, entrusted us with the management of two properties situated in the prestigious area of Knightsbridge. They sought our expertise following dissatisfaction with their previous property management team.


Upon engagement, our immediate challenge was to address an ongoing insurance claim. This required careful coordination with block managers and residents. Following this, it was imperative to refurbish and manage the property effectively, ensuring a swift transition from refurbishment to rental.


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Project Objectives

  1. Insurance and Refurbishment Management: Efficiently handle the insurance claim and oversee the property’s refurbishment.
  2. Tenant Acquisition and Letting: Expedite the letting process to secure a reputable international tenant post-refurbishment.
  3. Property Management Transition: Facilitate a seamless transition of the second property already under tenancy, ensuring minimal disruption.
  4. Compliance and Reporting: Maintain full regulatory compliance and provide clear, concise reporting to the Trustees.

Solutions Implemented

  1. Insurance Liaison: Direct engagement with block managers and residents to resolve the insurance claim.
  2. Refurbishment Oversight: Supervised the refurbishment process to prepare the property for the rental market.
  3. Letting and Management Strategy: Implemented a strategy for quick letting and efficient ongoing management for both properties.
  4. Trustee Communication: Established a system for transparent reporting and regular updates to keep the Trustees informed.

Results and Achievements

  • Efficient Insurance Claim Resolution: Successfully navigated the complexities of the insurance claim, paving the way for refurbishment.
  • Swift Letting Process: The refurbished property was quickly let to a reputable international tenant, demonstrating our ability to respond promptly to market demands.
  • Seamless Management Transition: The second property was smoothly transitioned into our management with no disruption to the existing tenancy.
  • Enhanced Trustee Relations: Our transparent and consistent reporting fostered a robust relationship with the Trustees, reaffirming their confidence in our management capabilities.

Chambré has redefined property management by blending a high level of service akin to a family office environment with effective communication and a proactive approach. This has been key to our successful management and letting of the Knightsbridge properties. By overcoming initial challenges and ensuring seamless transitions, we have upheld our commitment to excellence, setting ourselves apart in the realm of property management.