Case Study

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Marylebone- Property Refurbishment

Client Background

A Jersey trust company acquired a beautiful mews property in Marylebone, with the intent of preparing it as a London base for their beneficiary. This charming first-floor flat features two double bedrooms and a small outdoor space.


The primary objective was to modernise the property’s services, decorations, and furnishings without compromising its traditional charm. Unexpectedly, part of the flooring was discovered to be concrete, making the replacement of pipework more complex and laborious than initially anticipated. Additionally, the property’s small communal entrance and stairwell posed logistical challenges for manoeuvring equipment and goods.

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Project Objectives:

  1. Service Modernisation: Update all property services to new standards.
  2. Decoration and Furnishing: Refresh the property’s aesthetics while preserving its traditional feel.
  3. Beneficiary Consultation: Engage with the beneficiary at every stage to align with their preferences, while also adhering to the client’s instructions.

Solutions Implemented:

  1. Overhaul of Services: Undertook extensive work to replace pipework and update services, navigating the challenges presented by the concrete floors.
  2. Sensitive Refurbishment: Refreshed decorations and furnishings in a manner that maintained the property’s traditional character.
  3. Tailored Additions: Post-completion, provided additional support with bespoke projects such as custom-made shelves, a made-to-measure sofa, and custom-made blinds.

Time and Budget:

The refurbishment was carried out with careful consideration of the client’s requirements and the beneficiary’s tastes, ensuring that both time and budget constraints were respected.

Results and Achievements:

The property was successfully transformed into a comfortable and characterful London base for the beneficiary, blending modern conveniences with traditional aesthetics. Regular property checks have been instituted to maintain its condition and ensure insurance validity during periods of non-use. This diligent and bespoke approach to property management has ensured the beneficiary’s satisfaction and the upkeep of this charming Marylebone mews property.