Case Study

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Corporate Relocation

Client Background

Chambré is assisting the employees of a corporate entity that is in the process of relocating its offices from the Middle East to Mayfair. Our role is to guide and support these employees in finding suitable accommodation that offers convenient access to their new workplace.


The primary challenge lies in providing comprehensive orientation to the employees about the diverse areas in London. The goal is to ensure they make well-informed decisions about their future residences, considering their lifestyle preferences, budget, and proximity to the new Mayfair office.

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Project Objectives:

  1. Orientation Tour: Conduct a detailed tour showcasing various London neighbourhoods that provide easy access to the Mayfair office.
  2. Property Showcasing: Present a range of properties, including modern apartments and refurbished period homes, to illustrate the variety available within their budget.
  3. Property Shortlisting: Prepare a curated list of properties for viewings in the employees’ chosen areas, facilitating their relocation.

Solutions Implemented:

  1. Comprehensive Orientation: Organised a two-day orientation tour, introducing the clients to different areas in London, and offering insights into the local lifestyle and amenities.
  2. Diverse Property Viewing: Showcased a selection of properties in each area to give the clients a balanced understanding of their options.
  3. Preparation for Future Viewings: Laid the groundwork for arranging property viewings in the employees’ preferred neighbourhoods once they are ready to commence their relocation to London.

Time and Budget:

The orientation and property showcasing were conducted efficiently over two days, ensuring the employees gained a thorough understanding of their options without overwhelming them.

Results and Achievements:

The employees of the corporate entity are now better equipped with knowledge about London’s diverse neighbourhoods and the types of properties available. With a tailored list of properties to view, they are poised to make informed decisions about their new homes in London, ensuring a smooth transition to their new lives and workplaces in Mayfair.