Case Study

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Battersea Park – Refurbishment, Let & Management

Client Background

A client referred to us through a trusted intermediary, inherited a charming but outdated property in the idyllic locale of Battersea Park. With an intention to rent it out, the client faced the hurdle of the property not meeting modern rental or fire safety standards.


The original layout was unrentable due to fire safety risks, and the property was in need of a substantial refurbishment.

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Project Objectives

  • Safety Compliance: Redesign the property layout to meet fire safety standards.
  • Modernisation: Update amenities and installations to elevate the property to modern living standards.
  • Project Efficiency: Complete the refurbishment within a 16-week timeframe and under the allocated budget.
  • Tenant Acquisition: Swiftly secure a high-quality tenant after the property is refurbished and market-ready.
  • Capital Value: Increase the overall capital value of the property through strategic improvements.
  • Property Letting: Implement a smooth and efficient letting process, ensuring the property is well-maintained and managed post-rental.
  • Ongoing Management: Establish a long-term property management plan to handle tenant issues, maintenance, and regular property assessments.

Solutions Implemented

1.     Safety and Functional Redesign

Relocating the Kitchen: We began by redesigning the layout and relocating the kitchen away from the main exit route to ensure compliance with fire safety regulations.

2.     Value-Added Amenities

  • An additional WC for convenience.
  • Complete electrical re-wiring.
  • Installation of a state-of-the-art security alarm and video door entry system.

3.     Aesthetic Upgrades

  • Full property redecoration.
  • New carpets, flooring, and blinds.
  • Renovation of the walled garden.

Time and Budget

The refurbishment was completed within the stipulated 16-week timeframe and came in under the projected budget.

Results and Achievements

  • Quick to Market: The property was brought to market and successfully rented, thanks to Chambré’s expert letting services in Chelsea.
  • Quality Tenancy: An excellent tenant was secured, offering peace of mind to the property owner.
  • Increased Capital Value: The property didn’t just meet the rental standards; its capital value also appreciated as a result of the improvements made.

Our holistic approach—encompassing safety, modern amenities, aesthetics, property letting, and ongoing management—successfully transformed an unrentable, inherited property into a lucrative, rentable asset. This not only resulted in securing a high-quality tenant in record time but also increased the overall capital value of the property while ensuring it remains well-maintained and managed for the long term.